Easter eggs

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Easter Eggs

There are a couple of features which are not suitable for everyone, but which will help some people. This page tells you how to turn them on.

Off Remote : Wake On Lan

Off Remote does actually have Wake On Lan functionality. I don't advertise the fact as I don't want to deal with support queries where people potentially have to tweak the BIOS on their PC. Equally, I don't want to get bad reviews from users who expect the functionality, then find it difficult or impossible to get it working.

If you're willing to accept that WOL might not work, then you can enable it fairly simply. Just add your computer manually from the settings page (this requires you to know what an IP address is).

In future, when your computer isn't on, then you can tap on the blue arrow and access the WOL functions.

When you set up the saved remote, you should make sure that your computer _is_ on with the Off Remote helper running. This will (probably) allow Off Remote to grab the mac address of your computer which makes the setup somewhat easier.

Go Away : Childish mode

In 'Go Away', set a custom message in the settings. Set it as childish you will be suitably rewarded.