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== Multi Monitor Wallpaper Troubleshooting ==
== Multi Monitor Wallpaper Troubleshooting ==
the most common problems are the following:
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# Wallpaper won't set for a screen
# Wallpaper is lost/broken when you attach or remove monitors
The bad news is that both of these relate to bugs in Mac OS itself.
The good news is that there is an easy fix when this happens
=== What to do ===
* Open Multi Monitor Wallpaper
* Open settings (click on the cog icon, or menu/Multi Monitor Wallpaper/preferences)
* Click on 'Reset All Wallpapers'
* Allow the app access to the required folder
This will reset all your spaces/desktops (though you won't immediately see the change in your currently visible workspace)
* Once you have done this, you can set your wallpapers with MMW again
=== Background for the Technically Minded ===
Setting the wallpaper is actually a [ very simple command] in Mac OS. Essentially - I say 'set this image for screen N'
Once that is done - Multi Monitor Wallpaper has no part in 'keeping the wallpaper active', so when the wallpaper is 'lost' - that means that the operating system failed to properly save and restore the configuration. In some cases, the system gets 'stuck' and stops allowing apps like Multi Monitor Wallpaper to set new wallpapers.
I have pinned down at least one way to reliably re-create this bug on my mac. What seems to happen is that the database where the system stores what image is applied for each screen/space gets corrupted.*
For the techincal: The database is stored at ''~/Library/Application Support/Dock/desktoppicture.db
=== Notes ===
*I have reported this to Apple (and submitted a demonstration project and corrupted database).

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Multi Monitor Wallpaper Troubleshooting

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