VLC connection troubleshooting

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What we're trying to achieve

here is what we need:

  1. VLC is running on your computer
  2. VLC is running the http interface
  3. VLC is willing to talk to your iphone
  4. Your PC/Mac is willing to let your iphone talk to VLC
  5. Your iPhone is connected to the same network as your PC/mac
  6. Your iPhone knows where your PC/Mac are

In theory the setup app and VLC remote's network scan will sort all of these, but unfortunately that doesn't work for everyone (networks are tough). this troubleshooting will help you sort out some common problems, then move to advanced troubleshooting where you can test each of the requirements one by one.

You can't see your computer listed

Make sure the VLC Setup Helper is running. This broadcasts a bonjour service so your iPhone can see the computer.

If this works, you can then save the computer to your 'saved computers' list.

You can add your computer manually. Simply click on the 'Add Computer' bar and enter a name for your Computer and the address where it can be found.

You can then enter the ip address into the 'Remote Address' field.

Your ip address is shown on the front page of the setup helper.

You can see your computer, but no cone beside it

Make sure both your computer and your iPhone are connected to the same local network (e.g. you are not just connected via edge or to a neighbours wifi network)

You can check if the http interface is working by going to http://localhost:8080 on your Pc/Mac (not on your iphone). If you see the http interface, then this step is complete. If you don't then you need to check again that you have correctly enabled it with the setup helper.

[user comment:] Also one other thing to check - make sure you have an up to date VLC running. I had an old version 8.6 and no cone.....updated now to 9.7 and yippee cone there - all works fine

[user comment:] If you know you might have some other application running on port 8080, then click here

You can see your computer, but the cone has an X through it

Your iPhone is not being allowed access to the http remote. VLC maintains a list of IP addresses that are allowed access. You'll need to make sure that your iPhone is allowed.

Try enabling access to all IP addresses by going to the 'Advanced' page in the setup helper and click on 'Setup VLC to allow access from any IP address'

You can manually edit what IP addresses are allowed to access VLC by following these instructions: (Mac Windows). (The file that VLC uses to control this is the .hosts file, so look for that section in the instructions)

Make sure that you fully quit/exit VLC and restart it after making any changes.

Any other problems - let me know. You can click 'Help' in the VLC Remote app to get my email address.