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So, we are assuming the following:
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#You have the latest version of VLC installed and it is currently running
#You have run the setup app from [ the setup page]
#You have tried to go to http://localhost:8080 on your Mac or PC and you don't see a remote control interface
there are three possible problems:
===You haven't enabled the http interface===
It is worth double checking in the preferences page for VLC to check that it matches the picture in the setup page ( [ Win] [ Mac] ). Make sure that the http interface is selected in the 'main interfaces' tab.
===You have changed the port that VLC is running on===
In the preferences, click on the http interface (below main interfaces) and check that it is set to port 8080.
===Something else is running a web interface on port 8080===
Some applications like bit torrent clients might offer their own web interface on port 8080. Try closing other apps, then closing VLC and restarting it.
Check http://localhost:8080 again
If this is the problem, then you can set VLC to run on another port.
#Close VLC
#Open the vlcrc preferences file
#:The location of the file is described in the 'Where does VLC store its config file?' section here:
#Find the setting for http-port
#Adjust it for the port you want (in the example below, I set it to port 9090 )
#Save vlcrc
#Restart vlc and try http://localhost:YOUR_PORT
# HTTP server port (integer)
(note that the # has been removed from in front of http-port)
if this works, then you can add the computer manually to VLC Remote.
#Open the settings
#Tap on 'Add computer manually'
#enter <IP address of computer>:<new port>
##something like

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