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So, we are assuming the following:

  1. You have the latest version of VLC installed and it is currently running
  2. You have run the setup app from the setup page
  3. You have tried to go to http://localhost:8080 on your Mac or PC and you don't see a remote control interface

there are three possible problems:

You haven't enabled the http interface

It is worth double checking in the preferences page for VLC to check that it matches the picture in the setup page ( Win Mac ). Make sure that the http interface is selected in the 'main interfaces' tab.

You have changed the port that VLC is running on

In the preferences, click on the http interface (below main interfaces) and check that it is set to port 8080.

Something else is running a web interface on port 8080

Some applications like bit torrent clients might offer their own web interface on port 8080. Try closing other apps, then closing VLC and restarting it. Check http://localhost:8080 again

If this is the problem, then you can set VLC to run on another port.

  1. Close VLC
  2. Open the vlcrc preferences file
    The location of the file is described in the 'Where does VLC store its config file?' section here:
  3. Find the setting for http-port
  4. Adjust it for the port you want (in the example below, I set it to port 9090 )
  5. Save vlcrc
  6. Restart vlc and try http://localhost:YOUR_PORT
# HTTP server port (integer)

if this works, then you can add the computer manually to VLC Remote.

  1. Open the settings
  2. Tap on 'Add computer manually'
  3. enter <IP address of computer>:<new port>
    1. something like