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Initiate Tips

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Initiate Secrets Course

The best way to get to know Initiate is to sign up for the free Initiate Secrets course.

This will send you an email once a day for about a week with tips on how to make the most of Initiate.

Sign up for the Initiate Secrets course here

The Purist's Initiate

How to set up Initiate so that the maximum ammount of screen is devoted to applications and the your chosen background with the minumum (none!) devoted to buttons and gadgets.

Initiate - the most unobtrusive launcher ever?

Custom Icons

Use custom icons for applications. Three pre-built sets of icons are linked, and you can create your own.

Initiate Commands

Initiate has a set of commands which you can use to access obscure features not available in the standard preferences!

Voice launching with bluetooth (sort of!)

Initiate lets you voice launch calls, apps or anything else. Unfortunately, you can't do that directly from your bluetooth headset. The folks at voice it tech (who make the voice library I use) tell me that support for this is unstable in the rom which is probably why Palm don't make it available to developers.

There is a workaround - it requires you to use a bit of hardware that connects to your bluetooth headset and feeds the audio in through the normal headset port. It's not a pretty solution, but it should work and is fairly cheap! MTDN article

(NB: the article is for voice-dial-it, but will work equally well with Initiate)

Find items that you inadvertently hid!

Go to Initiate. Press the menu key. Go to preferences / organising items / favourites and hidden. From here you can manage what is hidden and what is not by tapping next to the item. By default, hidden items are listed at the bottom of the list, so you can tap on the 'show hidden items' button to go straight to them.