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Inside your Treo

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Notifications, Background applications and your Blazing-Fast Treo !

  • This article explains what is going on when applications are running in the background on your Palm, and how you can understand what might be slowing things down.
  • This applies to all Palm devices running Palm OS 5.0

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How to fix a Cache Crash.

  • Problems with cache handling seem to be involved in a large percentage of 'random' crashing on Treos.
  • An unstable palm can drive you mad. It's worse when you can't pin down what application is causing the problem.
  • If you get crashes that seem random and that don't seem to be related to specific actions, then this article might be able to help.
  • This applies to all Palm devices with NVFS - That's all the Treos from the 650 onwards, the Life Drive,Tungsten E2,Tungsten T5,Tungsten X and Zire Z22 and probably more to come.

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Running applications from your SD card.

  • Moving applications to your SD card is a great way to save space on your device.
  • This article explains what really happens when apps are run from the SD card, and how to move them there.

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