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iOS7 - Known issues

Unfortunately, we hit a bunch of problems with iOS7.

Most of them are sorted, and we're working on the rest. This page shows the latest status.

Updated 29/Sep/13

Off Remote

Most issues have been fixed by version 3.50, except:

  • Layout issues stop you from adding a computer manually on iPad
  • Layout issue stops you from sending message


  • No reported iOS7 issues

VLC Remote

Most issues have been fixed by version 7.0, except:

  • layout issue on iPad - this hides the skip buttons in the progress bar.
  • volume control doesn't work on iPhone in landscape mode

VLC Streamer

VLC Streamer 3.10 was approved on the 18th October This should fix issues relating to

  • Playing copied movies when offline
  • Playing large copied movies on iOS5

update: 19 Oct Version 3.10 will shut off when you are streaming over airplay. I should have this sorted shortly, but in the meantime, if you are streaming over airplay then you can switch to the old player in the settings (settings/use old player) and all should work as expected.

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