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Phone Technician instructions

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Powerful Phone Tool for the Centro and Treo !

Phone Technician keeps your phone under control. It lets you assign custom MP3 ringtones to individual contacts or groups of contacts. It lets you boost the volume of your calls, dial numbers from any app, save battery power, and much more.

It's free to try - but please register if you like it. That will stop the annoying nags as well!

Read on for details on what each feature does!


Just click here then hotsync!

If you have any problems with installation or hotsync, then there is extensive help


Please purchase a registration code here. This will entitle you to a year of free upgrades (only applies to this site, and others that send me your details)

Once you have purchased, simply click on the register button and enter your registration code.

If you have problems with the code, there is extensive help


Most features in Phone Technician have instructions and documentation within the app. Just tap on the (i) icons beside the controls, or at the top right of the screens.



Most ringtone applications have to work hard to fight the default phone application, and work out what ringtone to use during the critical time while a call is coming in.

In some devices (such as the Centro) the information may not even reach them until a second or two after the call starts. At this point they need to do complex lookups to work out which ringtone to play. This has made it extremely hard for applications to offer custom ringtones and stay 100% stable.

Phone Technician has been 'One Ring Fits All' for years because we hadn't found a way round this.

Now we have found a way to work with the default phone application. Phone Technician uses Magic Tones which simply pretend to be normal ringtones even though they can play mp3s , change the LED, increase the volume and more.

This way, we leave the phone application to decide what ringtone to play and when to play it. We just help out with the business of actually playing it!

Read more about Magic Tones here.

Create Magic Tones

Just click on the button to create and manage tones. Click here for full explanations of all the settings.

Custom Ringtones

One great thing about Magic Tones is that they appear in most applications' lists of normal ringtones. This means that you can pick Magic Tones to replace your normal ringers. Just click on the 'Use Magic Tones for Ringers' button and pick the tone you want.

Per-Contact Ringtones

On recent Treos and Centros, you can assign ringtones to individual contacts. Phone Technician lets you click through to assign these - and allows you to use Magic Tones as well as ordinary ringtones.

This lets you assign any mp3 to any contact as well as giving control on things like escalation volume and vibrate patterns.

Custom Ringtones for Groups

On recent Treos and Centros, you can set a default ringtone (which can now be a Magic Tone for categories of contacts.

To set a Magic Tone for a whole category, simply select any contact, then tap in the top right where the category is listed. Select 'Edit categories' Now you can select any category and pick a Magic Tone for it's ringtone.

Call Finished Alert


Have you ever carried on talking to someone without realising that the call has been dropped? This simple feature gives a handy beep to let you know when a call ends.

You can also leap from this page to a site that offers free ringtones that you can download directly to your device.

Easy Dial


Select a number in another application (like the memo pad) and just press the green phone button to call or sms it.

Easy Conference


Starting conference calls can be painful (dial one number, put it on hold, open the contacts app, find the contact, pick a number and dial it).

Easy dial makes that really simple. You pick your two numbers in advance, then click 'start conference'. As soon as your first call answers you'll see a popup asking if you want to dial the second number. Just click on the 'yes' button when you are ready.

Schedule Phone On/Off


Select times and days to turn your phone network connection on and off automatically

  • No More Calls in the middle of the night
  • No more mornings forgetting the phone was off!

You can also set Phone Technician to turn the phone network connection on automatically after reset - vital if you use any buggy applications!

Sound Booster


The Treo can be really hard to hear, even at full volume...

  • The Sound Booster gives you more volume using the normal interface.
  • You just keep pressing the volume up button and your Treo just keeps getting louder!

The Sound Booster works when you are on a call and can boost the normal handset, normal earpieces and the speakerphone. Unfortunately it can't boost calls on your bluetooth headset.

Do be careful when boosting. Make sure that you don't boost a loud call so that it is too loud for your ears or phone!

Disable Alarms


Stop loud alarms from going off in your ear!

Turn alarms off automatically when you are on a call.

Any alarms that were silenced will go off normally at the end of the call.

Screen off during calls


Lets you turn the screen off during a call, helping you to save precious battery power.

You can set the screen to turn off automatically after a set time or do it manually with the 'opt' or 'alt' key during the call. SceenOff is inactivated for the call if you press any buttons for x seconds,

Need to see the screen again? Just push the Red power button. The call won't hang up, you'll see the screen again. You'll need to do this twice to hang up.

Call Master


This powerful feature lets you completely control BOTH of your live calls using the keypad.

For example, you can now press Delete to hang up your call. If you have two live calls, then delete will hang up the first call and option + delete will hang up the second call.

Similarly you can mute either call, put calls on hold or toggle the speakerphone.

Stay Put

If you have ever been in the middle of something on your Treo when a call has come in and caused you to lose what you were doing, then Stay Put is for you!

You can stay in the application you have open when a call comes in. This means that you don't lose your place, and don't have to relaunch your application when the call ends

If you want to jump to the phone application, you can just press the phone key

You can still answer and end calls using the normal red and green buttons, and answer with the normal on-screen display.