VLC Streamer - Adding computer manually

From Hobbyist Software

Generally, VLC Streamer will automatically discover your computer. However, if bonjour isn't working properly, then it can sometimes be helpful to add your computer manually.

The ip address lets VLC Streamer know where to contact your computer that is running VLC.

The simplest address to use is the IP address that is shown in the VLC Streamer Helper. You do not need to enter http://

Alternatively, if you know how your network is setup, then you can use your computer name on the network. This might be something like 'RobMac.HomeRouter' or just 'RobMac'.

The app will automatically add the port number to your manual address. By default, this is :54340, but if you are using a different port, you will need to specify it.

Note - You can use the Connection Help button on the helper to help you verify that your device can contact the VLC Streamer Helper using the IP address. You will need to get the connection test working before you can connect.