Vlcstreamer connections

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Connection lost, Can't browse, Can't see your computer

The VLC Streamer Helper app on your Mac/PC has a 'connection help' button.

Click on that for a set of tests that will let you pin down where there is a problem with your connection.

As well as giving you exact tests, the connection help will help you figure out any issues.


My movie keeps buffering

click here for info on buffering

My connection keeps dropping, or the streaming is really jumpy

This means that your network connection is struggling to get all the movie data it needs.

There are various things you can try

  1. Make sure you have turned off any applications that might be swamping the network. P2P applications are particularly likely culprits.
  2. Try is using the lowest quality for the conversion. If this works, then you can experiment with higher quality settings until you find one that doesn't overwhelm your network.
  3. See what you can do to improve your wifi connection. PC Pro has a good article on improving your wifi connection

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