Helper logging

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Logging from Helper apps


Helper apps have a link at the bottom of the page to view the log

If you press ctrl+L, then you'll also get a 'send log' option.

That lets you send a log to my server with info on the system. You will still have to email me to let me know that the log is there; I don't monitor the report site for new logs.

Windows if the helper isn't running

You can still find the log file; In some cases the helper will output helpful logging information as it crashes. The logs are in these locations

VLC Streamer

  •  %APPDATA%\Hobbyist Software\VLC Streamer\Root\log.txt


  •  %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Hobbyist Software\Watchover\log.txt


  •  %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Hobbyist Software\Off-Helper\log.txt

The easiest way to open the log is to press 'Windows Key + R' Then paste the log location into the window and press enter or 'ok'

Mac OS

I'm starting to use Cocoa Lumberjack

This outputs logs to ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/AppName/Logs

You can adjust the log level by opening the terminal and sending this command

defaults write com.HobbyistSoftware.Appname prefsLogLevel level

the values for level are

  • none 0
  • errors only 1
  • warnings 3
  • info 7
  • verbose 15

so, to set verbose logging in vlc streamer, enter

defaults write com.HobbyistSoftware.VLCStreamer prefsLogLevel 15

and then restart the app

Current apps

VLC Streamer

defaults write com.HobbyistSoftware.VLCStreamer prefsLogLevel 15

Off Helper

defaults write com.HobbyistSoftware.Off-Helper prefsLogLevel 15


defaults write com.HobbyistSoftware.Watchover prefsLogLevel 15