How to post bugs

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How to post bugs

The key point when posting a bug is to give me as much information as possible so that I can re-create the bug. Broadly speaking - if I can recreate the bug, then I can fix it.


Let me know how and where you are seeing the problem.

Let's say there is a problem with VLC Remote. Key information would be:

Device : iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2 Computer : Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit VLC : version 1.1.6

What happens

The key point here is to help me follow your steps, and to let me know what you expected to happen

  1. launch application
  2. click on computer
  3. browse for movie
  4. click on play icon next to movie

expected : Movie would play on computer

actual : VLC started playing the previous track that I had opened and displayed an error message on the computer

detail: The error message said 'We don't think you'll like that movie, so we are playing some music'

Bonus Points

Screenshots are often very helpful.

In this case - perhaps a screenshot of the error message on the computer.

(to take a screenshot on an iPhone/iPod/iPad, just click the home and power keys at the same time. You'll hear a click and the screenshot will be saved in your photos)

Thank You!