VLC Streamer Airplay

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VLC Streamer Airplay

If you are using the paid version of VLC Streamer, then you should be able to airplay your movies to your Apple TV. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't make this as easy as we'd like - so here are the instructions.

These instructions assume you are using VLC Streamer 4.01 or later on iOS 7 or later.


Movies streamed from the helper

This is the easy bit. VLC Streamer was designed for you to stream movies directly from your PC, and fortunately this part is easy. Just tap on the airplay icon in the movie view and streaming should 'just work'.

If you don't see the airplay icon, then that indicates that your network is blocking the bonjour service which allows iDevices to discover your Apple TV (and other things). This article from Apple may help: Troubleshooting Apple TV

Movies copied to your device

Unfortunately, the standard airplay icon simply doesn't work for movies we play when they are on your device, so we deliberately hide the icon.

There is a workaround though - you can use Airplay Mirroring.

This article describes how to enable mirroring

Airplay mirroring is sometimes temperamental - so here are a few tips to make it work:

  1. turn on Airplay mirroring before launching VLC Streamer.
  2. launch VLC Streamer and play the movie you want.

This normally works - but occasionally 'sticks' with a black screen and only audio coming out of the airplay tv. In this case - these steps should fix the issue

  1. turn off mirroring
  2. exit VLC Streamer
  3. use the multitasking view to force close Vlc Streamer
  4. try again!