Wrong Wifi

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Wrong Wifi ???

Wifi networks can be tricky - we get used to our phones and tablets connecting automatically to access the web.

Unfortunately, this can easily lead to devices connecting to the 'wrong wifi' - which will stop them from being able to connect to the helper apps for VLC Streamer, Off Remote, VLC, etc...

This is one of the most common issues we come across. Particularly when

  • "My device can't 'see' my computer"
  • "My device only connects intermittently"
  • "One device can connect, but the other can't"

Your device and computer have to be on the same network

The key requirement is that your computer and your phone/tablet must be on the same network so that they can 'talk' to each other.

Normally, this will mean that both your computer and your device are connected to the _same_ wifi connection on your home router.

The simple way to check is to make sure that the name of the wifi network is identical on your computer & phone/tablet.

These images show three devices connected to the Kruschev network

Connected to Kruschev
iPhone PC Mac
iphone_kruschev.png pc_kruschev.png mac_kruschev.png

Things to check for...

Connecting to your neighbour's network

Check that your device isn't connected to a neighbour's open wifi network.

Connecting to your own guest network

Many routers have the ability to set up a guest network.

If you connect your guest network, then you'll be connected to your own home router - but typically, the router won't allow your device to 'talk' to other devices on the network.

Connecting to your 5ghz network

Some newer routers have separate 5Ghz networks and 'normal' networks. Typically, this will have a different name (like 'Kruschev 5GHz' in the iPhone example above).

Some routers won't allow devices which are connected to the 5ghz network to 'talk' to devices connected to the 'normal' network. Try making all devices connect to the 'normal' network while you troubleshoot the problem.

If it turns out that the 5ghz network is causing the problem, then you may be able to tweak the settings on your router to allow both networks to 'talk' to each other.

Connecting to a wifi extender

Some wifi extenders won't let your device 'talk' to other devices on the network.

If you are having problems connecting, then I suggest turning off your wifi extender completely and testing without it.

If things work without the extender, but break when you connect to it, then you know where the problem is and you can start tweaking the settings on your extender

Connecting to a hotel wifi

Typically, hotel wifi systems are set up so that different devices cannot 'talk' to each other.

The only workaround for this is to create your own network.

Your Laptop may be able to create an 'ad hoc' wifi network. If it can, then you can connect your phone/tablet to that and you should be able to get things working.

If your PC is connected by a wired ethernet connection

Normally, this will work fine, providing that your wifi devices are connected to the 'normal' wifi connection.

Occasionally, some routers stop wired devices from 'talking' to wifi devices.

If you can test with your PC connecting by wifi, then do that. Otherwise, if nothing else is working you may be able to find a setting in your router to let wired and wifi devices 'talk' to each other.

If one device can connect, and the other can't

Check the wifi connection settings on both devices.

Make sure that they are both identical (make them both use the network that the working device is using!)