VLC Remote Address

From Hobbyist Software

If you are configuring VLC Remote manually to connect to a computer, you'll need to provide the computer's 'Address'

You can enter any internet address which contacts the remote.

  • IP address
    • This is the most common option. You can get your IP address from the 'connection help' button on the VLC Remote helper.
    • It will be something like
    • VLC Remote will add the 'http://' automatically and assume port 8080
    • If you are on linux, you can type ifconfig in the terminal to get your IP addresses
  • IP with port
    • If you want to use a custom port, you can enter something like
  • Local address
    • If your local network supports it, you can sometimes connect with a local address like 'myComputer.myRouter'
  • Dynamic address
    • If you have a dynamic address, then you can connect over the internet, though this is likely to be slow and painful